Planner Update






I’ve been using my Filofax Domino Patent A5 planner for 6 months now, and I must say that I love it even more now that everything is setup.  I have set it up for ease of use as well as efficiency.  I have always preferred using a planner with a daily schedule included.

The sections that I use in my planner make it perfect for me.  I have included sections for meal planning, cleaning, bills/finances, emergency information, birthdays & anniversaries (calendar), to-do lists, notes, contacts, projects, and goals.

In addition to the daily schedule included with my planner, I print a schedule that includes all of our daily activities from the time we wake-up, the time we leave for school, the time my husband leaves for the gym and work, my daily cleaning schedule, lunch, etc.  It is meticulous to every detail of the day.  I also have the schedule printed and laminated for my son’s Tae Kwon Do classes (it doesn’t change often), as well as schedules for other after school activities.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pens to use, but I love the variety of colors that I have.  Everyone is assigned a color, even the dog.  I have also typed, printed, and laminated the color coding system and placed it in the front of my planner as well.

I have been using planners for well over twenty years, and I must say that this is the perfect planner for me



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