My Unplanned Hiatus

Hello Friends-

 I’ve been absent for a while due to a number of things.  Lately, my mother has been ill, I’ve had back problems for 3 weeks now, and we are in the process of moving. 

My mother had and infection that required daily doctor visits for antibiotics.  The frequency decreased each week, but going to the doctor is a task in itself.  Her second week was Father’s Day weekend, this was a difficult weekend because she still needed some assistance, but was able to ambulate around her home.  After getting her dose antibiotic the children and I drove her back home, made sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed, and we were Texas bound.

 My mother has never been an emotional person per say, but now that she is old(er), lol, she is highly sensitive and emotional, she felt abandoned and alone.  Needless to say, this made it difficult for us to leave her, but it was Father’s Day weekend, and I felt it best for the kids to spend the weekend with their father.

When my husband first accepted the position in Texas, I knew that Father’s Day weekend would be our first trip to visit.  By this time my back had been hurting for at least a week, and I wasn’t looking forward to the drive, but it’s only a five hour drive, and the pain was mild for the drive. 

The town was quiet, not at all what I expected.  Yes, I did expect a small, quiet town, but we were at least 30 minutes from civilization in every direction!  We spent the weekend on campus in a dorm room, it has so much potential, but we won’t be staying there so it was cold and sterile.  My husband and slept in the main living area on an inflatable mattress, which was great for my back until I had to stand up, and the kids each had a bedroom.

Exploring the area was great!  My husband and I always enjoy exploring new areas when we move, and this time our kids were able to do it with us.  I think I saw enough grass and trees to last a lifetime!  The weekend was really nice, we found several local restaurants to visit, looked at apartments, got lost a few times…

We returned home Sunday evening, and had a really great trip back home!  After getting back, I was able to take my meds properly, but the inflatable mattress didn’t help. 

It has been difficult for me to do the smallest task lately.  I’ve been in bed trying to heal while trying to organize this dreaded move.  Although this is a wonderful opportunity for my family, the timing is not right.  The children are in high school and don’t want to leave their school.  Our daughter has had many doors open for her recently, she is a dancer, and is involved in several projects in addition to her dance school where she has been since she was two, and the dance team at her school. 

Because I am limited to what I can do I must schedule the times that I go downstairs to do anything.  It is easier for me to stay upstairs because we have more to organize and sort for the move.  Even though it is challenging for me to accomplish most tasks, I feel productive at the end of each day.  Although my bedroom currently looks like a disaster area, I am making progress.

We will be returning to Texas in a week, and I wanted to have everything that we will need initially packed and ready to go before my husband decides on a temporary home.  This is not what we wanted, but we are determined to embrace this new journey!


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