Road Trippin’ It!



We recently went on a road trip to Disney World.  Although I prefer flying, we try to get in at least one road trip a year.

Road trips require a little more planning because stops need to be scheduled for gas, food, and restroom breaks.  I don’t like to make unscheduled stops because it keeps us on the road longer.  Because I don’t like unscheduled stops I pack snacks and beverages and my kids pack all their electronic devices and other books and activities to prevent boredom. 

I always pack my “Road Trip Kit” when we travel.  My “Road Trip Kit” is a reusable bag that I pack our essentials in.  In the bag I include Lysol, Clorox wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags (for containing trash during the trip, and for cleaning out the vehicle once we reach our destination), hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags (in case someone has a snack that they want to save for later), Kleenex, a first aid kit, mini sick kit, and other just in case items.  A complete list of the items that I include in my “Road Trip Kit” is below.

There have been times that we haven’t used anything from the kit and times that we have used many of the items, but I would rather pack it than leave it at home, you never know when you might need something…

Road Trip Kit



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