The Flood of 2016



I think I am finally in a good place.  I wrote this post a month ago when we were experiencing devastation and destruction.  At the time I feared rain.  It was almost as if I expected the streets to flood every time it rained. 

Although we are in the process of moving, we are Louisiana residents.  My husband relocated one month before the flood.  As soon as he heard what we were experiencing he tried to get home, but the roads were closed.  It was a week before he was able to get home.  We were not directly affected by the recent flooding, however so many friends and relatives were.  Just blocks away people were being rescued by boat.

The morning of Friday, August 5, 2016 one of the most destructive unnamed storms hit Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  Streets were flooded, it was very difficult to navigate safely around town.  It was not easy to judge the depths of water and many cars that attempted to travel through the rising waters stalled.  By 8:00 a.m. most schools were closed and trying to get students back home safely.

Over a two day period, two feet of water was dumped on the area.  Some neighborhoods had as much as 9 feet of water.  Many South Louisiana families were affected by this historic flooding.  Many were forced into shelters following this historic flooding event that impacted several parishes in south Louisiana. Thousands lost everything they owned.  Some even lost their lives.

First responders came from near and far.  Many volunteered their time and opened their homes to those in need.  All united during this time historic flooding event.

In the aftermath of a storm that produced historic flooding in south Louisiana, many have found an unexpected silver lining.  Our city has been divided for weeks, but this tragedy united everyone. 

People from across the nation have stepped up to provide donations to flood victims. A Flood Relief Benefit concert was held to raise money to assist those affected by the Flood of 2016.  Louisiana’s own Randy Jackson (Baton RougeThousands of people have been forced into shelters following a historic flood event that impacted several parishes in south Louisiana. ) and Harry Connick, Jr. (New Orleans), hosted this benefit concert.  Those in attendance witnessed the musical talents of many Louisiana natives.  A good time was had by all.

A special thank you to all the first responders and the many volunteers who have been so helpful in not only restoring the area, but making it better.


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