Thanksgiving 2016

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It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving 2016 has come and gone!  While Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays this one was very different.  The month prior was full of unexpected surprises.  It started on a weekend trip to Texas when my mother got sick and was air lifted home.  Her outpatient surgery had been re-scheduled, and everything was normal so we went to Texas for the weekend as we normally do.  Well needless to say, we should have stayed in Louisiana.

She spent a week in the hospital after her procedure and was discharged.  After two days at home she was feeling worse and was re-admitted for another week.  Everything was going well until she went in for a routine appointment and passed out on the scale.  I wasn’t there but when I arrived I was told that she passed out and hit her head while attempting to weigh in for her appointment.  At that time she was taken to the emergency room with an arrival time of 3:30 p.m., she remained in the ER until 1:00 a.m.  Upon her arrival at the hospital she realized that she had sever pain in her right ankle, it was a very bad sprain.

While waiting in a hall bed a housekeeper was passing by and the broom fell from her cart striking my mother in the face.  It just wasn’t her day.  The doctor’s admitted her for observation for the weekend.

My Thanksgiving prep weekend started in the emergency room.  Thanksgiving is the holiday that I host.  With only nine days to prepare I really had my work cut out for me.  I actually only had 7 days because I had to go to Texas to get the kids.  I usually have my husband do the grocery shopping while I prepare the house.  The kids have their tasks as well.  I was so far behind and I needed all the help I could get.  Because I am a planner I prepare for Thanksgiving in advance.  I have assembled a planning binder for Thanksgiving, it makes unexpected situations such as this one a little easier.  I am confident, however, that if I am unable to execute my Thanksgiving Day Feast, that my family will do an excellent job.




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