Deck the Halls – My Christmas Eve Box


Why a Christmas Eve box?  This box contains some of the items that we use on Christmas Eve.  In this box I store the plate and glass for Santa’s milk and cookies, Twas the Night Before Christmas, a couple of trash bags for Christmas morning and a list of things to do just before bed along with a list of the contents of the box.

My Christmas Eve box is just a way to keep up with the little things that are sometimes overlooked because we are caught up in all the preparation for the next day.  I store the contents in the box and simply place it under the tree until we need it on Christmas Eve.  I don’t have to look for anything or wonder if I have it because it’s all ready because I took a few minutes to put everything in one place.dsc_0028

It’s nothing special, but for me this is the last thing to do before the kids go to bed.  This has always been our tradition, and even though they are teenagers they look forward to opening their new pajamas and one gift while we drink hot chocolate and read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  There are additional items that I can store in the box, but I like it this way.  I have my “essentials” exactly where I need them.



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