Mardi Gras Decor 2017


As you may know, I love to decorate, especially for holidays.  Every year for Mardi Gras I’m thinking about all the things I could do, but decide not to because it falls between Valentine’s Day and Easter.

I’ve been working on one project ( the thieves that broke into my house damaged it, but  I think I may be able to salvage it.


This year, I decided, would be the year I decorate for Mardi Gras so I purchased a few things.  Although the items I purchased were beautiful and sparkly in the photo, which is why I purchased them, but in reality I could have printed them on a color laser printer.  Needless to say I was truly disappointed in the quality of the items, but I’ll manage to make it work somehow.


Not only was I disappointed with the quality, but the size of the “favor box” was also a huge disappointment.  The measurements were provided but what can I really put in this tiny box?  I think more than anything I was disappointed because of the cost of the items.  I know I could have made the items and had exactly what I thought I was getting, truth is I didn’t have the time or energy.

In person the “glitter” doesn’t sparkle, but in the picture it appears to be very glittery.  I understand that it is printed to look like glitter but the picture leads one to believe that the items are sparkly.

Disappointed, I decided that it didn’t make sense to try to decorate for Mardi Gras because it was going to be a time consuming project.  Of course I couldn’t go without decorating so I did a little just to get into the Mardi Gras spirit.


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