How I Host a Stress Free Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving Table

In today’s post I will share with you some of my tips for hosting a stress free thanksgiving gathering.


  1. Set a budget. Determine what type of event you are having.
  2. Start early-start the day after Thanksgiving. Purchase what you can on clearance.    Purchase any other items you may need.  You want to make sure you have everything you will need, when you start early you have time to get everything you will need.  I have purchased Thanksgiving items during a post Valentine’s Day sale, shop off season when you can for ultimate savings.
  3. Write everything down-keep a notebook dedicated to ideas or thoughts pertaining to thanksgiving day
  4. Stay organized-I stay organized using my Thanksgiving Planning Binder
  5. Plan, plan, plan-plan what I’m going to do throughout the year
  6. Catch sales-because you are organized and planning everything, watch for sales on items that you know you will need.
  7. Begin purchasing non-perishable food items November 1 or earlier if you can find a good deal.

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