Thanksgiving Leftovers To-Go

After enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast with us, I like to send guests home with a plate to enjoy later. After everyone has eaten, I go into the kitchen with three helpers and start preparing to go bags for everyone.
About 7 years ago I purchased several sets of tin pans with Thanksgiving themed lids. They were the perfect size to put a complete holiday meal in, sadly I have not been able to find them anymore. This year I will the Inno-box on the right that I ordered from Amazon. I will print a label that coordinates with the theme to put on the box.


I also ordered these containers for gumbo and rice from Amazon. I have put them in the microwave and used them for lunch, they don’t leak. I printed the labels so they wouldn’t have to open the cups to see what was in it.

Gumbo rice cups

For gravy and cranberry sauce I use these condiment cups. I purchased these from Wal-Mart, but you can also find the in Target and Dollar Tree.

Condiment Cups

Below is the box that I will use as a desert box, I purchased 4 packs from Hobby Lobby. I will put the mini sweet potato pie, mini bundt cake or cupcake, pecan candy, and “The Cake” or Ooey Gooey Cake in this box. Each desert will be in its own wrapping. I cut mini pie boxes for the pies, and I ordered the containers for the mini bundt cake or cupcakes from Amazon. The pecan candy I put in cellophane bags and “The Cake” or Ooey Gooey Cake I put in a pastry bag.

I wanted to make sure that my guests didn’t have to worry about anything so I assembled utensil bags for them as well. In this bag I included a napkin, wooden spoon, knife, and fork, salt & pepper packets, Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning, Louisiana Hot Sauce, a paper straw, and a mint.

Utensil packs

In the past I used kraft paper gift bags as to go bags, this year I ordered new bags to put everything in this year.

As guest leave they can pick up a bag to take home and enjoy later. I don’t mind doing this because some people are embarrassed to ask for a plate to take home with them. I offer and they either accept or decline. Also, I find that it is better this way to ensure that everyone has something to take with them. It really works out for me because I don’t have has much to put away.


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