My Fall Decorating Style

Fall is my favorite season!  I love decorating for fall.  Some people decorate using unique color schemes or bling things.  When it comes to fall I am very traditional.  I love the rich, warm colors of fall.  The combination of the orange, brown, red and yellow makes me feel warm & cozy, they make me happy.

When it comes to fall décor I try to incorporate leaves and pumpkins as much as possible.  To me these items say everything fall.  The rough, crunchy leaves combined with the rustic but soft look of burlap appeal to me.  There is just something about the colors and textures of fall décor.

The rich tones of fall are just so glamorous.  The warmth and richness of the colors combined with burlap and twine creates a very sophisticated look.  I think fall is my rustic glam season.  The incorporation of pumpkins and leaves combined with the rich jewel tones of fall makes fall a very elegant season.

I try to maintain a certain level of elegance in my décor.  Perhaps it is the jewel tones that make fall my favorite season.  When I decorate for fall, I look for  warm fall colors and other items associated with fall.  This rustic glam style says everything fall to me!


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