Fall Decor Storage

DSC_0004Welcome back!  Today I will share how I store my Fall décor.  I try to store everything by the month it is used.  This can be challenging at times because some I uses some items from August – November.  My storage bins are color coded, labeled by season, holiday, and contents.  Items are stored according to when I plan to use them.






Paper Plates

Paper Napkins

Paper Straws

Plastic Silver Utensils

Paper Bags

To-Go Boxes

Utensil Packs

I am currently using 2 orange bins and 4 clear bins with blue lids.  Two of my orange containers were damaged and I haven’t been able to locate orange storage bins since 2012.  I am hopeful that I will find the orange containers that I need so I have temporary labels on the clear fall containers.  I also keep one clear bin with a white lid for items that are purchased during off season sales.

Storing my décor this way is helpful because I know which bin to go to for specific items.  It is also helpful when I have help and can direct them to the specific bin that I need.  Like items are stored together.  I plan to compile a list of all the items and where they are stored to place in my planning binder.  I will have a basic list such as this one and well as a detailed inventory of the items in each bin.

The large centerpieces are stored in my home because they are too large for most storage containers.  Most of the dinnerware sets, serveware and wine glasses are stored in the dining room, and dress it up with for the season.

Come back tomorrow for another fall inspired post.


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