My Thanksgiving Planning Binder





Today I’m sharing my thanksgiving Planning Binder.  I don’t use a specific pre-designed planner.  My binder is made of sheets that I have found that I like.


The first thing I see when I open my binder is my To-Do List.  Next is my table of contents.  My binder consists of 10 sections.  Planning, menu planning, printables, kids activity book, favors, crafts, inventory, photos, receipts and a misc. section.

To Do List

My planning section includes a planning timeline, calendar, schedule, seating arrangement, table scape, food layout, shopping lists, grocery lists & themes.  In this section I have many different checklists.  I don’t use them all, however, I do reference them periodically. 


Next in my planning section is shopping.  I have a blank list that I use to write items that need to be purchased.  The next sheet is my grocery list.  When I  need ingredients for more than one dish, I make note of it on my grocery list so I will know how much to purchsase.  My menu is basically the same from year to year so I use this list every year. 

 I also have a complete list of the serving pieces that I use for Thanksgiving, and what I serve in it.  I  included the serving utensils that accompany each dish.  This is extremely helpful when setting up.

Serving Pieces

We are now into Menu Planning.  This is where I keep my menu and a couple of recipes.  This is the breakfast menu.  Breakfast I s always setup on the breakfast bar, buffet style.  We put sancks out to eat throughout the day in case someone stops by or if someone comes early.  For lunch we eat light.  I prepare a huge pot of seafood gumbo. 

This is our Thnaksgiving Menu.  My husband does all the meat.  Depending on the number of guests we are expecting we may add a smoked or fried turkey, or both, a roast or even fish.  My mother does the mashed potatoes, my mil does the candied yams and the mustard greens.  We don’t always have broccoli salad, and I do everything else.

 Thanksgiving Menu

My mother is the dessert maker.  Although she will make whatever I ask her to make.  I try to keep it simple.  I like to have a variety of beverages to choose form.  I purchase the 7.5 oz cans, and make about 2 gallons of sweet tea.  I also have bottled water and cranberry juice.

 Desert Menu

Activity books are assembled for the younger guests.  This keeps them occupied when they aren’t eating, playing video games or watching television.  I print a few sheets and bind the books.  I also have a box of crayons and Thanksgiving theme pencils to go with the activity books.


Favors, I am a crafter and I make something every year for our guests to take home.  Depending on what the gift is I will create one for each guest or something for each family.


I call this my inventory section.  It is really just a checklist of the items needed throughout the day.

 Supply List


Because I am a  planner and in order to have a smooth holiday season it is important that I am prepared by organizing every detail.  This binder keeps me organized and allows me to complete all the tasks that need to be completed for our annual Thanksgiving Day Feast!  I hope this video was helpful to you in some way.  Please like, comment, and subscribe!  Until next time…Stay Busy!


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