Fall DIY Projects

I love a quick DIY project.  I have several DIY projects that I am going to do.  Most of the projects are about 5 minutes or less.  I will share a few of the projects that I have done so far, and after I complete the others I will come back with an update.

Fall DIY

The projects that I started with were really simple. For the first project I took a plastic bottle and wrapped it with twine and tied raffia bow on top.  I used a plastic bottle, glass would also work, twine, raffia, and hot glue.

The second DIY was also quick and easy.  I used a mason jar, burlap, raffia, and a few Dollar Tree leaves.  I wrapped the burlap around the mason jar, securing it with hot glue.  Next, I positioned my leaves and secured with hot glue.  The last thing I did was wrap some raffia around the jar and tie a bow.

The final project I did was a combination of the two.  I used a glass bottle and wrapped twine at the top and burlap at the bottom.  I adorned the bottom of the bottle with leaves and raffia just as I did the mason jar.

Three quick and easy DIY projects.  I think they are cute and versatile.  Don’t forget to check back to see the other projects as I finish them.

Until next time…stay busy!


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